Meet Our Chef

Meet our Chef


 Meet our Chef, Nolan Cook! Born and raised a Pittsburgh native, Nolan has always had a passion for all things black and gold, and all things FOOD!! Nolan grew up watching his grandmother prepare and cook food for a house full of 10 hungry mouths every night. His grandmother would sit him up on the counter top, and Nolan would eagerly study her techniques and mentally keep notes of her recipes. As he got older and learned to cook for himself his desire to perfect his craft grew stronger! In 2012, he was a proud graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, a very well known hospitality education school that focuses on hospitality management and culinary arts! He had taken his craft to another level! After completing culinary school Nolan worked for several food and service establishments. Continuously packing in knowledge and information on management, sanitation, food temperatures, expenses, and much more! Shaping himself to be the master of his very own business that he dreamt of having. In 2015, Nolan met his wife Asia Cook! He shared with her his dreams of one day having his very own catering business. Asia having a compact background in customer service, management and administration encouraged Nolan to believe in himself and start living his dream NOW! In June of 2016 Cooks Catering was born! The rest is history! 


At Cooks Catering our goal is to offer our customers a positive, and memorable experience that they will share with others! Our passion and desire to share the gifts God has given to us is what drives us to do what we do! 

1 Corinthians  16: 13-14 

"Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love."