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What Inspired Cooks Catering?

Nolan Cook and Asia Cook

Nolan and I met and fell in love in 2015, we use to share our dreams and goals with one another all the time. We spoke about how one day we wanted to be successful, pursuing goals that we were truly passionate about! Nolan would cook for me all the time, I could make something good enough to eat, but Nolan could make food that was amazing enough to share with the world! In 2016 I left for two months, dancing my heart out on tour. I had so much support from Nolan while I was away, he was there with me every step of the way. Pursuing a dream on your own is very scary, but with the love of your family its so much easier! I promised Nolan that when I came home we would pursue his dreams! One day we sat down and brainstormed, speaking into existence what is now Cooks Catering! We came up with a plan, a business name, a menu, and so much more! We birthed a partnership that has been going strong, with Nolan being the chef and me being operations manager, financial manager, and the head of our customer service department, everything works perfect! Nolan and I are a well oiled machine, we work hard to bring in the business and I get to watch his talent blossom every time he steps foot into a kitchen. We did a great amount of research when we decided to jump into business, but nothing prepared us more than the first event we were hired for. Our good friends hired us to cater the 4 year anniversary for their Salon. The menu was set to serve up to 100 people! We were so excited to break out into the world, and take the food that we loved to eat to so many others. Everyone raved about the food, giving us so many compliments, and taking business cards. It was the perfect start to our journey, that was the day Cooks Catering was officially born! 

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